This live stream of Dublin on St Patrick's Day will make you feel drunk


Sorry if you're reading this 18 March onwards, when it's probably back to just one or two day drinkers.

Congratulations if you've stumbled upon it between 8pm and 3am tonight though, when I can't imagine what kind of barbaric scenes will be unfolding.

View the live stream here

The feed was set up by The Temple Bar (in shot) and Earth Cam, at one of the city's most popular drinking spots.

I've been watching for about 15 minutes now and the crowd hasn't let up once – just tides of revellers pushing past one another and occasionally jumping up and down like drunk Sims. There's a Hall of Fame gallery featuring the best screen grabs here.

More live stream fun is to be had over at Abbey Road, London, where you can watch fantastic idiots holding up traffic on the Beatles zebra crossing.

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