Romania: Brother of Ex-President Sentenced to 4 Years Prison

75b185674b9a1cc5eddd337c43921e77-1445326455 BUCHAREST, Romania — A court has sentenced the brother of Romania's former president to four years in prison on charges of influence-peddling, ruling that he took a bribe from a convict in return for promising to secure his early release. The court in Constantan sentenced Mircea Basescu on Friday. Marian Capatana, a politician, was sentenced to three years in the case. The ruling can be appealed. Basescu, the brother of Traian Basescu, who was president from 2004 to 2014, was convicted of taking a 250,000-euro ($275,000) bribe via Capatana from the son of a convict imprisoned for attempted murder, promising him he could get his sentence reduced. Mircea Basescu denies wrongdoing, and plans to appeal. The court ordered the sum of 265,000 euros ($290,000) be confiscated from Basescu and Capatana. Source