My Very Educated Readers Just Served Us Some New Planet Mnemonics


When Pluto was demoted from planethood, the trusty mnemonic “My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas” had to be retooled. But there are still those who are rooting for the dwarf planets to be considered actual planets, which would require a new mnemonic. It’s not just that P - for Pluto — would be added back but also C for Ceres, E for Eris, H for Haumea and M for Makemake, creating the new order: M-V-E-M-C-J-S-U-N-P-H-M-E. We asked our readers to submit their own mnemonics. Here are some of our favorites:

Memorizing Very Esoteric Mnemonics Created Jubilant Scientists, Until New Planets Hampered Much Enthusiasm -Samit Sarkar, New York, submitted via comments

My Very Educated Mother Cannot Just Show Us Nine Planets, Hundreds May Exist. -Pat Touhey via Facebook

My Very Educated Mother Can Just Scream: Unfamiliar New Planets Have Multiplied Everywhere -Human Vector, Atlanta, submitted via comments

My Vulcan engineer makes cunning jokes Spock understands, namely puns having minimal emotion. -Paul Alleeson, Pine Mountain Club, Calif. via comments

Mnemonics Vex Everyone. Maybe Crazy, Just Start Unforgetting Names? People Have Memories, Everybody. -Robert McNees, Chicago via comments

Manhattan’s veritable, elite, mainstream, creative journalists shouldn’t ultimately need publicly heralded mnemonic examples! -Neil Bezdek, Harlem via Twitter

“Many vegans eat meat,” claims Justice Scalia. “Ultimately nature prefers honorable meat eaters.” -Rbyteme, Spring Grove, Ill. via comments

My Very Elegant Marmalade — Chewy, Juicy, Spicy Undertones, No Pits — Healthy Made Easy -Chuck Leber, Beaverton, Ore. via comments

Maybe Very Emphatic Martians Could Just Shut Up Now, Please. Hurting My Ears. -@ErikSmith80 via Twitter

My vain, elderly mother calmly just showed us nude photos - hurting my eyes. -Donna Smith, Los Angeles via comments

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