General Election 2015: David Cameron goads Russell Brand 'some comic with a beard who thinks terrorism is funny'


Together, the Labour leader and the comedian filmed an interview for an episode of The Trews, during which Miliband briefly adopted the demeanour of Mary Poppins-era Dick Van Dyke with Brand repeatedly swigged from a ludicrously large bottle of water.

It led to the Revolution author – who previously declared his apathy for the current political system – to lend his support to Miliband’s quest for leadership at the 11th hour.

Responding to the news, Cameron said last week: “Politics and life and elections and jobs and the economy, it’s not a joke; Russell Brand’s a joke...This is not funny. I haven't got time to hang about with Russell Brand.

“Don't listen to Russell Brand, get out there with your stubby pencil!”

But it seems the insults haven’t quite stopped there. In an interview with the Metro, the Tory leader was asked what he’d do to show young people that politicians should matter to them.


“Most important is to engage in issues they care about,” he replied. “Our message to young people in this election is, we’re going to provide 3million apprentices, we’re uncapping university places. We’re reforming welfare so there’s a chance of a job or training rather than starting life on welfare. I think that’s an attractive offer.”

So far, so statesmanly.

That is, until he ended with this: “Young people want to hear about things they want fixed in their lives that we can fix… rather than ‘here’s some comic with a beard who thinks terrorism is funny’.”

Quite which episode of The Trews the PM is referring to remains unclear. But he did go on to discuss one of the more burning issues on the minds of the British public ahead of the General Election.

“Flatpack furniture, I am your man,” he said. “I can show you the Ikea table, the Ikea cupboard, the Ikea chairs. Basic painting and decorating, wiring up DVD and TV, I’m not too bad. Actually making my own shelf and putting it on the wall, I’m less good. Samantha’s better at putting up the shelf. She’s better with the drill…”

That’ll harness ‘em.

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