Eclipse 2015 path: when and where the blackout will happen and how to watch it, in three charts


Google has marked the event - which takes place on the first day of Spring - with an animated Doodle on its homepage showing the the moon passing in front of a sun represented by the yellow, second letter 'O' of Google. The other letters are made up of blooming flowers to signify the new season.


When the solar eclipses happens, the moon will move in front of the sun, covering it and turning the Earth dark. Because of the way the three bodies line up, and where the UK is, people in the country will only see a partial eclipse.

How partial it is will depend on where in the country you are. The further south and east that the eclipse is viewed from, the more partial it will be. The best view will be at the very top of Scotland, where it will be almost total.

Wherever you are, watching the eclipse safely is absolutely paramount. If you haven’t managed to get hold of any glasses, then you can make a pinhole projector easily at home, using two pieces of paper or card, that will allow you to see the eclipse as it happens.


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