Canada: Two Men Get Life Sentences in Plot to Derail Train From New York

Chiheb-Esseghaier-and-Raed-Jaser-Muslim-Terrorists Two men were sentenced Wednesday in Toronto to life in prison for plotting to derail a passenger train traveling from New York to Toronto and other terrorism-related charges. Chiheb Esseghaier, 33, and Raed Jaser, 37, were convicted this year largely on the strength of secret recordings made by an F.B.I. agent who posed as an Egyptian-American real estate developer with radical Islamist views. Mr. Esseghaier, who is from Montreal, had repeatedly said he would not participate in the trial because he recognized only the laws of the Quran. 1terror_plot_arrests_20130423-11 Two psychiatrists concluded that Mr. Esseghaier probably has schizophrenia but differed on whether he was fit to stand trial. But Justice Michael Code of the Ontario Superior Court found that the man was not delusional at the time of the plotting. The judge also rejected Mr. Jaser’s defense that he had been entrapped and played along with the agent only to get money to feed his drug addiction. Source