Beautiful places to visit – Macedonia

Macedonia has three national parks situated on some of the most beautiful mountains in the country. pelister-national-park-laguna National Park Mavrovo is located in the westernmost part of the country  on the slopes of the highest peak, Mt. Korab. Mavrovo National Park stretches on a surface of more than 72,000ha and has a vertical rise from 600m altitude to more than 2,700 meters. It has a diverse flora and fauna and it is home to the Zare Lazarevski Ski Centre, the Mavrovo Lake and several idyllic villages such as Galichnik and Janche as well as the Monastery of St. Jovan Bigorski that you saw above. mavrovo 3 National Park Pelister is located on the slopes of Baba mountain near the second largest city in Macedonia, Bitola. Pelister is well known for its flora and fauna, especially because of the Macedonian pine tree "Molika". Pelister is also a wonderful place for hiking and enjoying the scenery which took nature thousands of years to create. Popular tracks include climbing the "stone rivers" which are crushed rocks on the slopes forming a sight similar to a river flow, hence the name. The glacial lakes are also very popular and are known as "gorski oci" (mountain eyes) and often provide a great destinaton for hikers. dma_11 National Park Galichica is unique in the sense that it's located on the same named mountain that overlooks both large natural Macedonian lakes, Ohrid and Prespa. Its amazing views and great picnic spots are a reason enough to visit, but add to the mix the possibilities for adventure sports such as paragliding, mountain biking and hiking you have a destination that puts it on the top 10 Macedonia. Its close proximity to Ohrid and Prespa makes it ideal for dual purpose visiting, you can be enjoying the crisp water of lake Ohrid in one moment and the next biking down the slopes towards Prespa. Source